Legal Practice Management Software

Practice Management

Build a better practice and access it anywhere! with powerful features to manage cases, clients, documents, bills, appointments, time-tracking and reporting.

From your desktop, tablet, or mobile. Whether on a PC, Mac, iOS, or Android, Access your law firm from anywhere!

Some of the features include:

Task Management

  • Seamlessly build to-do lists,
  • Delegate a task to single or multiple team members,
  • Monitor the progress of a task completion and
  • Get alerted for overdue tasks.
  • Contacts Management


  • Create new contacts and categorize them into groups.
  • Search through a large database of contacts and get more information on the linked matters, invoices and quotations of a specific contact.

Time Tracking

Track all of the time spent on a matter, task or any other activity.

Time entries are linked to matters keeping them organized and generating bills quickly.

Document Management

  • Automatically manage documents and collaborate securely – anytime, anywhere.
  • Organize all documents and never lose track of them.
  • Get more productive, work on them anytime, anywhere.
  • Never worry about security and confidentiality with granular access controls.


  • Spend less hours generating reports, and stay up to date.
  • Fast reporting capabilities producing reports in real-time, saving time for analysis and action.

Conflict Search

Conveniently search for any conflict of interest with the existing business before signing up new clients.

Matter Management

  • Easily handle Matter details such as notes, file status, documents, appointments, progress, invoices and tasks from one centralized location.
  • Keep every important detail organized and easily accessible

Notifications & Reminders

  • Be notified on-time on important events and actions.
  • Never again miss a task deliverable or an appointment,
  • Set Smart Email or SMS reminders.

Simplified Communication

  • A large part of practice management is making sure that questions get answered promptly.
  • Staff needs constant updates and clarification on matter details. As do clients.
  • Loose communication, based on ad hoc emails, texts, and sticky notes is not organized — and not as secure as it needs to be.
  • Sheriasoft is designed to keep all communication in one place, within the software.
  • Staff can post comments on any matter aspect needing clarification or correction.
  • With Sheriasoft, communication will be streamlined, organized and secure.

Bank-grade Security

Security is very important for legal professionals. Sheriasoft takes security very seriously. Bank-grade security is provided



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