Cybercrime watch: Three simple Quick Free Tips That Can Keep Your Cards Safe

Tip#1: Avoid Giving Your Card To A Server or Bartender

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Beware of your cashier. I have been skimmed before at an upmarket restaurant/bar/lounge in Westlands and I realized this is a pervasive problem. Evidence suggests that restaurants are now breeding grounds for skimming activity.

Tip #2 – Pay for your fuel in cash

Petrol station skimmers are found almost every day in petrol pumps but it’s the ones they don’t find that you should be worried about.  Pay for your fuel in cash and NEVER put your debit card in a gas pump.

Tip #3 – Supermarkets

skimmer 3.jpgThe next time you go shopping, be sure to pay close attention to the clerk who swipes your card.  Department stores can be potential hot spots for skimming because much like a restaurant or bar, it is not unusual for a clerk to leave your site to process the transaction, making the temptation greater, and the successful completion of the scam easier.  Sometimes a skimmer will pay an inordinate amount of attention to the number on your card, so if they seem to be staring as though trying to memorize your number, or examining it front and back as if they’ve never seen such wonders before, it would be smart to watch them closely.



Source: SignalVault and the Identity Theft Resource Center