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Microsoft Applications For Lawyers

This post features tips on using Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office applications more effectively. From information on setting up reminders in Microsoft Outlook and keyboard short cuts to guidance on activating automatic save features, these tips have something for everyone.

I. Reminders — Set it and forget it with Microsoft Outlook.

a. Once in Microsoft Outlook Calendar, right click on the desired date and choose “New Appointment.”

b. Input the appointment time and recurrence pattern if you want it to be a recurring appointment. If your event happens quarterly, put in 12 weeks. By default the appointment is set indefinitely. Click “OK.”

c. Input the subject of the appointment and location.

d. Don’t forget to set the reminder. The default reminder is 15 minutes before the appointment, but you can change this by clicking on “Reminder” and choosing how far in advance you’d like to be reminded of the appointment.

II. Auto-save is King!

If you are using a Microsoft Office application during a sudden power outage, a devastating loss of data can be avoided. Minimize the damage by activating AutoRecover. This automatic-save feature creates a document-recovery file as often as you specify—from every minute to every two hours.

If your computer is unresponsive for some reason or loses power unexpectedly, the application opens the document-recovery file the next time you start the program. This AutoRecover file may contain the unsaved information that you would have otherwise lost.

Remember that AutoRecover does not replace the “Save” command. You must save your document when you finish working on it.

For MS Office 2010 and above Word, Excel or PowerPoint — Click on “File,” “Options,” “Save” tab, find “Save Auto Recover info every __ minutes,” then add your desired time.


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III. Multi-tasking?

Press “Alt” + “Tab” and “Alt” + “Shift” + “Tab” to switch between tasks.

IV. Saving Microsoft Outlook attachments
Double click on the attachment, choose “Save As,” then select the desired location for your file. Remember to look before you save–the default location is a temporary file.

V. Super-size your display
Is the text on your screen too small? Do you have problems seeing Web pages or documents? Then, increase the size of your display. If your mouse has a track wheel, hold down the “Ctrl” key and roll the wheel forward to enlarge the screen. Roll the wheel backwards to restore the page.

VI. Quick search Web pages and documents
Clicking “Ctrl” + “F” brings up a search box you can use to search for words on a Web page or document.


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