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Vital Tip to Legal Tech Survival in Kenya – SideBar

My journey with Legal Technology is exciting and sharing experiences as I move along has become part of my MO.

My partners and I launched SheriaSoft following a meet-up at a Legal Tech conference at Strathmore University in Mid 2015. The idea was to own Legal Tech in Kenya and we would start by developing a Legal Practice Management Software for the Solo and SME Law Firm. An easy to use, interactive tool that manages a lawyer’s administrivia saving time to do the substantive stuff.


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I share my experiences and lessons learned for those considering founding a legal technology startup. These lessons continue to ring true through out my journey with Lawch and SheriaSoft.

  1. Lawyers have greater expectations and needs compared to the general public. There’s a startup concept known as MVP (Minimum Viable Product), which is the concept that the product that has just enough functionality to release and keep iterating. In the legal industry, this has a higher threshold.
  2. As a small company, you can only do a finite number of things well. When we re-shaped SheriaSoft, we wanted to quickly expand to support all types of Legal Tech, but we had more success in initially focusing and improving our Legal Practice Management Software.
  3. Beyond security and confidentiality, lawyers adopting legal technology are trusting you with their client’s confidential data. They’re also responsible for any malpractice if something goes wrong, so lawyers expect (and often need) a higher level of quality from the software.

My advice is start with a discrete problem or task that you can solve, so you can provide the quality lawyers need to adopt. In other words, before you launch that legal technology startup, you must know the market, its needs, and to have a laser-sharp focus short of which your startup is here now but gone tomorrow.



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