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LawTech is Certifiably Niche (+ 3 other reads)

Picks of the week

Today’s headlines are rife with plenty of tech topics that could conceivably form a niche practice. From sci-fi sounding topics — like  internet of things , wearable tech bitcoin and crypto-currencymicro-chip implants on employees.  Potential niche practice areas abound.

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A Facebook Business Manager Guide For Law Firms

Facebook provides one of the most powerful advertising platforms available today. With an endless list of configuration options, it’s possible to create everything from a worldwide advertising blitz all the way down to a micro-targeted campaign.

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Why Keeping Up with Technology is Important for Career Success

It seems like technology is becoming more and more important to the daily lives of professionals, and the legal world is no different. While technology continues to develop, so do the ways it can be applied to more traditional work spaces.

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Enough With the Robot Lawyers Already

There is no more overheated topic in legal technology in 2017 that gets the legal geek squad sputtering in breathless anticipation of imminent trans-formative change than the trifecta of AI, machine learning and robots.

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