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Kenya Lawyers or ‘Online’ Kenya Lawyers

Kenya’s legal industry is ripe for innovation. Unlike the United States or the UK where legal innovation has been welcomed, not much is happening in Kenya. The reasons are not hard to come by.

  1. We are too busy to be bothered;
  2. we fear the unknown. Current regulations do not provide a standard of innovation. As a result, most lawyers flee the idea than adapt; and
  3. no hard data on the benefits of legal innovation.

Recently, I was asked where we are as a country in terms of online legal services. Although I know some fine lawyers with their own blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts, I struggled. Eventually I blurted out Uwakili and Kenya Employment Law.

Why? Because of the special character these services offer, the affordability costs and accessibility, as well as the option to go from purchasing relevant documents and engaging the services of an expert right on the website. Indeed to those lawyers and justice innovators trying to make access to the law simpler, more affordable and more transparent, Cheers!

And what about the lawyers or firms I could recommend? I didn’t know if they had an online presence leave alone offering services for the unique situations my friends raised, or the cost of engaging them.

The Challenge and the Opportunity

The challenge is that we do not know much about what works on the ground for clients. This is where a poll comes in; where we can set the stage; and determine what we can measure and scale up.

As more lawyers build legal websites to offer specific services, will these sites be the new normal for recommending and accessing legal services?

Which do you recommend most when asked? Take a poll.

Do You Prefer Lawyer Referrals or Online Solutions For Legal Services?

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