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Kenya ranked 45th on the Global Cybersecurity Index

The Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) is a survey that measures the commitment of Member States to cybersecurity in order to raise awareness. The GCI revolves around the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Global Cybersecurity Agenda (GCA) and its five pillars (legal, technical, organizational, capacity building and cooperation).
Kenya has been ranked 45th globally and 3rd regionally behind Mauritius and Rwanda. We performed well on legal (even though the Computer and Cyber Crimes bill is yet to be passed), technical and co-operation measures and providing a good example of the National Kenya Computer Incident Response Team Coordination Centre (National KE-CIRT/CC). The CIRT coordinates at national, regional and global levels with a range of actors. Nationally this includes ISPs and the financial and educational sectors; regionally it works with other CIRTs through the East African Communications Organization;and internationally it liaises with ITU, FIRST, and bi-laterally with the United States and Japan CIRTs among others.
The full report can be accessed here

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