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LawTech reads of the week

Legal hubs, virtual law firms and legal chatbots, here are the LawTech reads of the week.

  • @concordlaw tells of the importance of  legal ‘hubs’ and ‘labs that would  benefit start-up lawyers helping them overcome the challenges in opening a practice. Legal Incubators helping new solo lawyers overcome start-up hurdles
  • If you’ve wanted to create a virtual law practice, or ‘virtualize’ your law practice incrementally, this podcast from @jaredcorreia is for you. Learn how to get started (and the rationale why) in this nearly hour long lecture filled with invaluable information.  Download the MP3 here
  • Ephrat Livni in a very interesting post discredits chatbots in doing a lawyer’s job. I agree that the new talk of town may not be as cranked up as media reports suggest.

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