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Lawch Deluxe


Lawch Deluxe is a premium service unlocking information and drafting documentation to get your business up and running.

A Basic badge subscription of $2.99 per month  or $38 per year will get you:

  1. Unlimited access to premium content straight to your email;
  2. Free advertising; and
  3. 24-hour support.

A Platinum badge set on an hourly basis will get you:

  1. An advocate;
  2. General startup legal consultation;
  3. Company formation;
  4. NDA;
  5. Copyright registration;
  6. Intellectual property assignment agreements for founders and employees;
  7. Independent contractor agreement;
  8. Terms of Service;
  9. Privacy Statement; and
  10. Intellectual property audit.

Please note that your use of the Lawch Deluxe is subject to our Terms of Use accessible here.

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