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Digitize Your Law Practice

It’s time Kenyan Lawyers stopped being Tech Averse.

What is considered the ‘new normal’ by lawyers has been the reality for most professional services’ firms for decades. Lawyers wanting to be successful in the future need to apply the business practices of their peers and drive innovation within their industry.

According to a recent survey lawyers are increasingly engaged with the Internet of Things (IoT). 2017 is has seen an increased adoption rate of new tech tools and trends. As a result, client expectations will increase.

So what’s a lawyer to do?  What exactly are the tech trends and the ‘must have’ tech to have in the modern law office in 2017?

  1. Look smart:  Law libraries aren’t going away, the stack of papers on the reception desk are still with us and we still have that desk that looks like a crime scene. These will remain a staple of most law offices and for a long time to come. However the fact that technology is rapidly changing so as to make your life more manageable, and your office more profitable, means you do need to get with the program.
  2. Have an email account that represents what you do; even the – as long as you remain professional. Have a signature attached to your email.
  3. Build up a website that is functional, interactive, fast-loading and mobile-friendly. Do not aim for perfection if you are just beginning. Lawch started off as a free blog called SheriaApp. I would spend time giving meaning to the name rather than creating and curating content content. After i reached 1k readers, i changed the name as well as the look and feel of the website. I grew my social media presence 176% in 5 months by constantly engaging them with tweets.
  4. The Paperless Office: The increasing use of mobile devices means more people are seeking to use paperless transactions in real time. For example with, Sheriasoft we are increasingly selling into the ‘paperless space’, with Solo and SME Firms moving quickly into it too. Companies want to reduce the paper cost. Consumers are joining the fray as well – preferring to sign electronically rather than tackling a bundle of paper documents. It will affect every aspect of how business is For example Tesla’s e-car and the leasing transactions that occur with it.  The entire leasing transaction is handled via a “tap and sign” app on the car’s dashboard.
  5. Artificial intelligence

AI’s growth is becoming exponential and lawyers will increasingly embrace the concept of the ‘robotic lawyer’. However it is increasingly also reaching the echelons of the smaller law firms, not simply Big Law and AI is something any tech-respecting lawyer needs to think about carefully.

images.jpgThe Techie Check-list

Be efficient for yourself to be smart for your clients. Check things like:

  • Client data privacy and management, document storage and cyber security;
  • Keep abreast with the latest tech trends by reading or attending law tech events; and
  • speak with those who may be more tech knowledgeable than you.

A Techie Lawyer need not understand all the permutations of technology – it does however mean that you can help move your firm – no matter what its size – into the 21st century with confidence that it is the right investment.  At the end of the day, properly used technology can make a tech-savvy lawyer a profit-savvy one too.

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