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SheriaSoft: A better legal experience?

Any entrepreneur will tell you: ideas are easy, execution is hard. For legal tech startups faced with a  profession that is notoriously slow to adopt new technologies, and an entrenched industry model for legal services, this is especially hard. So when I made the jump from lawyer to legal tech enthusiast, little did I know that I was also becoming a staunch advocate for better legal practice. Today’s topic? SheriSoft!

Arguably Kenya’s first Practice Management Software (PMS), the application has survived poaching of developers and potential lawsuits and is now disrupting Kenya’s Legal Practice faster than perhaps any other force in the history of our legal profession. A simple, easy to use, fast, secure program with an inbuilt sms service and optimized for both desktop and smartphone enables lawyers and clients chat about their matters. Operating as a Software – as-a service (SaaS), SheriaSoft has attracted small-mid sized firms and has been featured in our dailies.

Chatting with co-founder Denis, the timing has never been right. The team (including yours truly) are stoked about SheriaSoft 2.0 which will be more comprehensive tool designed to ease a lawyers day to day workload by improving billing, data privacy, document management and legal research.

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